Whether it’s paying you the most cash for your cars, coming to the rescue with our quick roadside assistance or answering any of your questions, all of us at DB Towing are here to help.

FAQ Q1) How much CASH will I get paid for my unwanted vehicle?

A1) We pay the highest amount of CA$H for your cars GUARANTEED?!!! Running or not! Papers or No Papers! Call us now! Founder/Driver Abi Dominguez (213)944-6311 or Dispatcher/Customer Relations

Q2) What are your hours of operation?

A2) Junk Car Removal Emergency Roadside Assistance 24 Hours a Day

Q3) Do I have to pay Auto Junk World for removing my unwanted car?

A3) Absolutely not! Unlike most of the other guys, we do not charge you for the pickup. We Pay You. The most cash guaranteed for your unwanted car. Why wait? Call us now!

Q4) How long will it take for my unwanted vehicle to be picked up?

A4) With our expert staff, pickup for Los Angeles County can be done in under 1 hour. Call and get paid!

Q5) Do I need the title and registration in order to get paid for my unwanted car?

A5) No you do not. We simply verify the status of your vehicle and fill out all of the necessary DMV forms for you for free! Quick, Simple and Reliable. DB Towing is here to help.

Q6) What if the vehicle that I am calling about is not mine and is abandoned on my property, can I still get paid?

A6) Yes you can. The most cash guaranteed! Just like not having the title or registration, we simply verify the status of your vehicle, take care of the paperwork and pay you top dollar to do so.

Q7) Will I receive a receipt once the unwanted vehicle has been removed?

A7) Yes. upon request.

Q8) Do I need to be present when my unwanted car is removed?

A8) Generally, yes. Depending on the circumstance, we might be able to help you out. Call us now to get cash today! Founder/ Driver Abi Dominguez (213)944-6311 or Dispatcher/Customer Relations

Q9) My car was involved in an accident. Do you still buy it?

A9) Absolutely! any year, any make and any model. We are here to help.

Q10)Are there any expense or hidden fees for selling my unwanted car that I need to be aware of?

A10)Unlike some of our not so honest competitors, we provide you with EVERYTHING. Free towing, free paperwork, free quotes. Quick, convenient and with no money out of your pocket. In fact, we help put the most CA$H back in! Operating out of Los Angeles, CA since 2005.