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The Secret to Creating Car Ads that Get Noticed

Posting an ad that reads: “Need to Get Rid of Junk Car – $500” is not a convincing ad if you really want to get rid of your car for cash. What sells cars? Let’s be honest, well written ads sells cars. Here are few helpful tips on how to create convincing car ads that get noticed.  Here are a few terms to remember when creating for sale ads.


This discourages people to negotiate. So, if you’re selling a car for $4k – that’s it – no negotiations here. This is telling potential buyers that you’re more focused on getting the price you want and not how fast it sells.

Must Sell!

Obviously, you’re letting the buyer know that you are desperate to sell your car. You’re letting people know that you’re interested in selling the car now.

As Is

Broken windshield, no brakes, air-conditioning needs repair – you name it. With ‘as is’, you’re letting people know that your car has serious auto issues and if they’re interested in buying, they will have to buy it ‘as is’ – no questions asked. So, if you mention that your car has engine trouble, a person shouldn’t be surprised (or disappointed) if the car doesn’t start up on the dime.


OBO means ‘or best offer’.  You’re letting car buyers know that you’re willing to accept negotiations. So, if you’re selling a car for 4k and someone wants to buy it for 35k, that’s considered OBO.

Asking price

This means that you’re asking for a particular price, but you’re willing to lower it if you have to. If you’re asking price is 7k and a potential buyer wants to lower it to 52k – that’s considered negotiable.

Cash for Cars

Now this is not considered a term that you will use when creating an ad. This is just a bonus we wanted to slip in. If you’re having a tough time selling your old car, there are alternatives. For example, you can trade in your car for cash. There are some companies that will actually give you cash for your old car. They will even arrange towing services Los Angeles.

Need To Get Rid of an Old Junk Car?

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